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General Information



1. The First Day
Attending nursery is an exciting adventure for your child. We encourage parents to be positive about this forthcoming experience so that your child arrives looking forward to the first day.

At your familiarisation session you will have seen how our staff work hard to settle your child in. However a child can still show signs of ‘missing you’ when you first leave. After all you are the most important person in his/her life! You are welcome to phone at any time to check or talk about your child if you feel concerned when you leave.

2. Food and Drink
We are firm believers in parental choice. Food provided by parents is served to the children as requested. Alternatively parents can order freshly prepared and well-balanced hot lunches and cold teas provided by our professional caterers 'Little Tums'. Menus are available on request. In this way dietary requirements and parental preferences are met. The children are served with food that they enjoy eating and meal times are pleasurable occasions.
All food brought to the nursery is stored safely. Fresh drinking water is available to the children at all times, in their own personal bottle. Free milk is available for all children over the age of two years.

3. Nappies
Parents provide their own supply of nappies, wipes or cotton wool for their child. We are happy to use cotton or disposable nappies, whichever parents prefer. Nursery assistants are happy to follow parentsí instructions when catering for all the individual needs of your child.

4. Special Needs
Staff are trained for specific special needs as necessary, (e.g. Makaton, Epi-pen, Portage). Access is at street level. Children are cared for in a group which best caters for their needs not their chronological age. We have regard for the D.F.E. Code of practice in the Identification and Assessment of Special Educational Needs. The Special Needs Co-ordinator will work out, with parents, an individual programme for children with special needs. Outside agencies will be called upon for help and assistance whenever they are required. You are kept thoroughly informed.

5. Confidentiality
You and your children are protected by the Data protection Act. We will not give any information, not even your ‘phone number to anyone outside the nursery. In cases where we are concerned about children we may refer to doctors, Health visitors or the Social services department, but we would always tell you first.

6. Admissions
Applications are invited from any child whose parents are willing to accept the terms of agreement as set out in this handbook. Children are accepted as soon as a place, suitable to their needs, becomes available. Their needs are individual and usually stated by the parents or guardians. First refusal for sessions and days is given to children already attending the nursery, then to siblings of current attenders then to those who have been on the waiting list for longest.

7. Safeguarding Children
We are committed to promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children and to protect them from harm. We treat all children with dignity and respect paying particular attention to their individual needs and circumstances. We will endeavour to work in partnership with parents and other professionals in order to safeguard and promote the welfare of the children in our care. We ask parents/carers not to use cameras or mobile phones when they are on the premises. Visitors or parents/carers are not allowed to take photographs.

A copy of our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy is available on request.

8. Choosing a 'Big' School
A long way off! It is however important to be prepared, Visit as many schools as you can. Ask everyone that you know who has school age children, what their views are on their schools.

Take your child to visit the school. Watch your child's reactions. Is the atmosphere one in which you are sure that your child will be happy? Is it welcoming, interesting, busy, happy and controlled? Were you shown around the classrooms? Was your child welcome on the visit? Is it far from home? Are you prepared to have to travel by car every day? Will your child's friends live far away? Find out how the school works. Ask about the approach to reading, number work, computers, art, music, sport, science and extra help for children with learning difficulties. Find out about their policies on behaviour, competitiveness, and parental involvement. If you chose in independent school find out about the qualifications of the early years staff and the adult/child ratios.

Once you have decided on a school, be prepared to commit yourself wholeheartedly. Your enthusiasm, or lack of it, will profoundly affect your child's attitude to school.

For more information please go to the individual nursery pages and download the relevant parentís handbook.

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