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Ofsted Inspections.

All nurseries are inspected by Ofsted inspectors at regular intervals. Results of our last inspections were excellent.

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Strawberry Hill Nursery

Joyland Nursery

We do however continue to strive for perfection and are regularly monitoring the performance of staff as well as carrying out self evaluation exercises on all aspects of our nursery. We are also very happy to hear parents’ views. There is a suggestion box for your ideas and/or thoughts.

Detailed below are key points linked to the care of your children. For ease of reference this information has been divided under five separate headings.

1. We Keep Your Child Healthy!
We promote the good health of children at our nurseries.

The premises and equipment are cleaned regularly and all staff are aware of the importance of good hygiene practice. The children learn about personal hygiene through their daily routines.

We use disposable gloves for dealing with any body fluids and for changing nappies. Blood 'spillages' are cleaned with household bleach. The children’s soap is anti-bacterial.

We take positive steps to ensure that they remain free from infection and take appropriate measures if they become ill.

Staff are trained in first aid and deal with minor injuries. We have an appropriately equipped first aid box and always inform you of any injuries. If more serious or urgent treatment is necessary we will take children to hospital. We keep records of all accidents in our accident book which you are asked to sign when you collect your child.

We have clear policies regarding the administration of medication and about children who are ill or infectious. This includes a procedure for contacting parents if a child becomes ill whilst in our care.

We are firm believers in helping parents ensure that their children eat food that they consider appropriate to their needs. Food provided by parents is served to the children as requested. In this way dietary requirements and preferences are met. All food brought into nursery is stored safely. Fresh drinking water is available to the children at all times.

The nurseries all have secure outside areas frequently used by the children. Sheltered and shaded areas are readily available. We do however ask that in the hot weather children bring in their own sun-block cream and a hat for them to wear outside. In cold weather we ask you to send in a warm coat, hat and gloves.

Throughout our nurseries there is a no smoking policy.

2. We Keep Your Child Safe!
Your children are safe and secure at our nurseries. The rooms are welcoming and friendly to children and parents with access to the outside play area. A landline telephone is available in all rooms.

We make provision for children to relax, play quietly or sleep. Play areas are large enough to give scope for free movement and well spread out activities.

The outdoor play spaces can be used all the year around. A range of equipment is readily available. These include slides, a climbing frame, a sand pit / tray, bikes, scooters, outside tables and chairs.

Suitable toys and play materials are available in all rooms to provide stimulating activities and play opportunities for the children in all areas of play, learning and development.

Staff are trained to have an understanding of health and safety requirements for the environment in which they work. Risk assessments are routinely carried out.

The premises are locked during the day. Entry can only be gained through the main entrance. A bell is available for use by parents and visitors.

The children are supervised at all times.

We have clearly defined procedures for emergency evacuation of the buildings. Regular evacuation drills are carried out. Fire exits are clearly marked. Fire blankets, extinguishers, alarms and smoke detectors conform to BS EN safety standards and are checked annually. The electrical circuits are inspected every four years. There is an RCD fitted to the main fuse box.

We comply with the local child protection procedures and ensure that all adults working and looking after children in our nursery are able to put the procedures into practice. We have a designated member of staff responsible for this area. All staff however are aware of child protection issues.

3. We Want Your Child To Be Happy And Achieve!
We want your children to enjoy their time at our nurseries and to achieve.

We encourage children to be confident, independent and develop their self-esteem. We provide resources and activities so that through play opportunities and first hand experiences the children build on their natural curiosity as learners, develop their language and mathematical thinking, use their imagination and develop social relationships.

We help the children to learn right from wrong. We are keen to build positive relationships with the children and parents/carers. This is so we can work together to facilitate a good understanding of individual needs and home circumstances.

We listen and value what children say. We talk to them about what they are doing and have high expectations of what they can achieve.

We observe the children so that we can help them learn and develop. We make resources readily available to them. We give the children opportunities to be active, indoors and out, as well as time to relax.

We have clear statutory requirements and guidance from the DFES covering the care and educational provision we have to make for your children. Details of these follow in the section ‘Learning and Development’.

4. We Promote Equality of Opportunity and Anti-Discriminatory Practice for All Children
There is a clear Equal Opportunities Policy in place. This is implemented by all and available to parents / carers.

We treat all children and adults with equal concern. We liaise with parents/carers to ensure that all children’s records contain information which enables appropriate care to be given.

We are aware that some children may have special needs and are proactive in ensuring that support is given. We have a written statement about special needs. This is available to parents / carers.

We promote the welfare and development of the children within the setting in partnership with parents / carers.

We create an environment that encourages good behaviour. Staff are clear on the methods used to manage children’s behaviour. Adult handling of behaviour is consistent and developmentally appropriate, respecting individual children’s level of understanding and maturity. Physical punishments or the threat of them are not used and children are not excluded from their group.

There is a named staff member at each nursery who has responsibility for behaviour management issues.

We work in partnership with parents / carers to meet the needs of the children, both individually and as a group. Information is shared.

We provide a range of information for parents. There is a system in place for regular exchange of information between parents and staff members. Appropriate and prompt action is taken on any concerns raised. We provide regular information for parents through newsletters, wall displays, photographs and examples of children’s work.

5. We Are Organised!
All staff are suitably qualified and have been through appropriate vetting procedures for working with children. Staff awaiting vetting results are never alone with children.

The manager organises the day to day running of the nursery and ensures that staff are deployed effectively to ensure the welfare and development of children. There is a named deputy who is able to take charge in the absence of the manager. All staff regularly undertake training to further enhance their skills and practice.

Names of staff and assigned groups are displayed around the nursery in the appropriate rooms.

Staff to pupil ratios are kept at least to the minimum requirements as laid down by Ofsted. Suitable contingency arrangements are in place to cover emergencies and unexpected staff absences. We keep a daily register of staff and children, recording absences as either sick or on holiday (which ever is appropriate)

Joyland Nursery
Staff to child ratios at Joyland are 1:5, well above the minimum requirements as laid down by Ofsted. The nursery operates a key worker system, where staff are allocated a number of children for whom they plan, asses, monitor and record their progress. Suitable contingency arrangements are in place to cover emergencies and unexpected staff absences. We keep a daily register of staff and children, recording absences as either sick or on holiday (which ever is appropriate)

Strawberry Hill Nursery
The nursery operates a key worker system. Each child is allocated to a member of staff within their group who is his/her key person and is mainly responsible for his/her well being on a daily basis and ensures information about the child is exchanged with a parent / carer everyday. This key person is also available to speak to you directly on the telephone during the day.

All group heads and above hold a level 3 qualification appropriate for the care or development of children. Most other child care staff hold a level 2 qualification or are working towards it. All staff have induction training which includes health and safety and child protection policies and procedures.

A full range of records, policies and procedures are in place for the efficient and safe management of our nursery and to promote the welfare, care and learning of the children. All of the above mentioned policies and procedures are available to parents/ carers to read. Records about individual children are shared with the child’s parents / carers.

6. We Care for your baby !

At Strawberry Hill Nursery the ratio of adults to babies is 1:2

Staff working with babies have received training in this area. The head of group has suitable experience of working with children under two.

The children have the opportunity to interact with a consistent adult at frequent intervals throughout the day and there is clear planning of babies’ activities.

Although there are separate rooms for babies they do have contact with older children. The outside area is shared by all. One of the baby rooms is a quiet area enabling individual sleep patterns to be facilitated.

Activities, toys and equipment are appropriate for the child’s age and provide varied sensory opportunities and experiences both indoors and outdoors. Cots or other suitable furniture are provided for children to rest or sleep. Children in high or low chairs are restrained in safety harnesses.

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